Black Moon Fizz ***

Photo by Just

Photo by Just

Black Moon Fizz

1 oz Legend Distilling Black Moon Gin

½ oz Crème de Ribes

½ oz Silk Road Philosopher’s Brew Shrub

Lavender Lemonade Foam

Phillips Fermentorium Botanical Tonic

Glass – highball

Method – Stir & strain first 3 ingredients, add 2 ½” foam, add tonic and stir. Add more tonic until foam rises just above the rim.

Garnish – Salted lavender and rosemary sprigs

Lavender Lemonade Foam

180mL water

70mL Organic Fair Lavender Lemonade Syrup

10g powdered egg white

0.5g xanthum gum

  • Vitamix on hi for 30 secs

  • Double charge in iSi

Silk Road Philosopher’s Tea Shrub

500g water

750g Turbinado Sugar

250g apple cider vinegar

12 g Silk Road Philosopher’s Tea

  • Dissolve water, vinegar & sugar over a low heat till sugar is dissolved

  • Bring temp up to 85C, turn off and add tea

  • Let steep for 5 mins

  • Strain & bottle, keep refrigerated

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