Gillepsie's Fine Spirits

8 - 38918 Progress Way, Squamish, BC V8B 0K7 - 604 390 1122

TASTING ROOM - Mon & Tues CLOSED, Wed - Sat 1-11, Sun 1-5

At Gillespie’s our mantra is LOCAL AWESOME BOOZE! We handcraft our artisan spirits and cocktail accompaniments from BC grown grains and fruit. Everything is small batch and handmade.

Gillespie’s was started by John McLellan and Kelly Woods partners in business, life and parenting. Gillespie’s is a true to form family owned and operated business.

Inspired by a passion for cocktails and desire to create a greener, more sustainable business model for a product that we have a great love and affinity for.

John and Kelly’s meeting of the minds was the spark of creation that set Gillespie’s on its journey, and what a journey it has been so far and promises to be in the future.

As life does, a twisted road brought us to beautiful Squamish, BC. We are proud to be part of a wonderful community and are inspired everyday by the beauty and ople around us.

We take our name from a dearly loved but sadly departed inspiration: our good friend, Cameron Gillespie. A huge fan and motivator in the inception of what has become his namesake. At Gillespie’s, we strive to embody all his spirit stood for in ours.


Gastown Shine Wheat Vodka

Our well-respected flagship vodka distilled from 100% BC grown wheat. Triple distilled. Not carbon filtered. Clean and fresh with great mouthfeel.




 Made with the zest of 7-8 organic lemons per bottle. Slightly sweetened to balance the flavor but light in comparison to other commercial varieties.

BC Distilled 2017 - 1st Apertif / Digestif

Sin Gin

New wave, new American style. Less juniper focused. Contains locally foraged botanicals. Notes of elderflower, pine, spruce, lemon verbena and cinnamon.


VTwin Rye Vodk - SOLD OUT

Triple distilled from 100% BC grown rye. Complex, spicy. Great for martinis, greyhounds and a vodka Martinez.

“The vodka for Whiskey drinkers”.


Raspberry Gin

Our Raspberry Gin was created in partnership with Mandair Farms. BC Berries plucked in the height of summer macerated with a selection of gin botanicals proofed and sweetened to perfection. Enjoy a low maintenance cocktail with lemon or lime and soda over ice.


Aphro Chili Chocolate Elixir - SOLD OUT

Called APHRO as everything in the bottle is an Aphrodisiac! Contains four different chilies, raw organic cacao and organic vanilla. Pairs well with rum and agave spirits.

BC Distilled 2017 - 2nd Flavored Vodka

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