Distillation in British Columbia has been around in some way or form for over 100 years and not in the pawned together stills of bootlegging stories of yesteryear that you hear about. Huge distilleries existed, supplying the British Columbian government along with supplying our thirsty southern neighbors during prohibition along “Rum Row” on the West Coast. 
In recent years, the resurgence of craft distilling in British Columbia has exploded and grown expediently in a way that no other place in Canada has seen in decades. Distilleries like the minute operations of Sons of Vancouver in North Vancouver all the way to the “bigger” distilleries like Victoria Distillers in Sidney and Okanagan Spirits which has operating stills in both their Vernon & Kelowna locations. The moves by the provincial government to make distilling in British Columbia more attainable for the broader market have helped in this growth. Currently there are 65 distilleries in the province, with more in the planning process. They are as diverse as they are widespread from the north of Vancouver Island to the south of the Okanagan and everywhere in between. Many breweries have also begun distilling due to the abundant supply of barley mash and the easy transfer of the recipes for beer to grain spirit. 

Please enjoy BC Spirits and continue to support the prosperity of the craft distilling industry in British Columbia responsibly.

No one should drink alcohol, even in moderation, before operating a motor vehicle or engaging in other activities that involve attention and skill or physical risk.

British Columbian Spirits