Alchemist Magazine

The first B.C.-based magazine devoted to the dynamic, increasingly diverse world of micro-distillers and craft cocktails.

International in scope but with a local emphasis, our aim is to entertain and inform readers with stories about the passionate, talented people who are changing what and how we drink for the better.

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Canadian Artisan Spirit Competition 

Highlights and celebrates the best artisan spirits from across Canada. CASC is created by the people who built BC Distilled, Canada's largest and most successful artisan spirit festival. It leverages our track record of generating wide-ranging and positive attention to BC's artisan distilleries with a national spirit competition designed exclusively for small-batch Canadian distilleries.


Craft Distiller’s Guild of BC

The Craft Distiller's Guild of BC represents the micro-distilleries in British Columbia that are recognized by the Provincial Government as being "Craft". You will find information on who we are, what the Guild does and about news & events that relate to craft spirits around BC.


BC Independent Distillers Association

The BC Independent Distillers Association is a membership of registered independent craft distilleries in the Province of British Columbia.  As an Association, this inclusive group of distillers recognizes and supports the production of both handcrafted and artisan spirits and is committed to collectively establish and promote industry values, ethics and policy that are essential for the growth of the Province’s craft distilling industry.